Friday, 24 June 2011

An Update on Stitch and Aaron

Good evening folks no card from me today just an update on my cat Stitch and my son Aaron, Aaron is back home after being admitted earlier this week with chronic stomach pain they have discovered that he has a problem with his liver which they gave him some IV meds for but he had a reaction to the medication so they had to quickly withdraw that and gave him a big dose of steroids and adrenaline, it seams that since he was stabbed last year he's had one problem after the other and we are all extremely worried about him and he is also extremely depressed which he is now being treated for.

My cat Stitch is doing well after his surgery he is home with us now but we have to keep him in a room on his own as he is not allowed to go up and down the stairs or out side but he is lapping up all the fuss lol, he has to go back in a few days to have his stitches removed.

I also had an appointment yesterday with a foot surgeon and I have to have an op to sort out my left foot which should be done in a few weeks time and I wont be able to drive for eight weeks oh my god how on earth will I manage that I hate not being able to drive when my RA flares up which seems to be most of the time just lately unfortunately, but at least the op should ease the pain in that foot.

Our bathroom is now finished and looks fab, my MIL can now get in there to have a shower too, it was quite funny today when Caid Lexi and Keely came round Caid stood with his hands on his hip and said but were is your bath nanny lol.

Anyway I think I've bored you enough with all of our goings on lol, I hope you enjoy your weekend what ever you have planned.


Aunty Sue said...

glad things are getting sorted for you and i wish your son all the best and hope he is soon back to his normal self.


Hi Gina
Hope everything gets sorted out for Aaron wishing him all the best and glad Stitch is on the mend and wishing you all the best on your op,try to have a lovely weekend,
Hugs Dianne xx :)

THERESA said...

Thanks for the update, been waiting for it .....:))
So sorry to hear about your son, love and hugs for him and ope it gets sorted, it is frustrating not knowing what is wrong!! And being depressed is not something i will wish on anybody, my heart goes out to him.
Glad Stitch is ok, sure he is enjoying all the attention!!
Sorry about the op and the pain, hope it will be less after the op, you look after yourself now, pretty please!!!!

angelwhispers said...

Gina I really feel for you all!! It does seem that everything keeps happening to you all but things can only get better!!! Life is just the same here and I just pray that things get better for us all!!!! Hope Aarons meds work and he starts to feel better there is nothing worse than depression but at least hes lucky to have such a loving family around him to help him through. Give stitch a big cuddle from me hes such a little fighter.

Chanelle xxx

Georgia said...

So sorry to hear about your son Gina, but hope he's on the mend soon. Glad to hear that your cat is doing well and your bathroom sounds fab! Have a nice weekend! :) Love, Georgia xx

Nannieflash said...

Hi Gina, sorry to hear that youve had your fair share of problems, but hopefully now Stitch will be looking forward to a less painful future. Sorry to hear about your son, I do hope that they are able to help him one way or another, not a happy bunny by the sounds of things at the moment. hugs Shirleyxx

Sarpreet said...

oh dear, i really hope everything gets better soon, i pray for you


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