Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I'm Still Here

Good afternoon folks i hope you are all keeping well and warm,i cant believe this weather can you?, anyways i thought i would pop on here and let you know how things are going!!!!!, i am feeling much better now still have the heart nurses out but once a month now, still not had any treatment for my rheumatoid so been laid up in agony with that at the mo, as the one i was on makes heart failure worse so they want me to have a different one  but i'm not sure what to do so am waiting until i see the heart consultant next week.

I now also have a bakers cyst in my knee joint 'ouch' i tell you its flipping painful and they may have to drain it, i aint looking forward to that i can tell yer lol. Mind you one good thing is i lost a lot of weight 4 stone lol.

Mother in law has had a op as she fell over and broke her leg and they have had to plate and screw it, then my poor brother feel through a roof so he's damaged his shoulder and is waiting to see if it needs surgery, but i'm hoping to be back crafting soon but depending on my recovery i may have to change my style a bit but we will have to wait and see what happens.

Any way that's it from me for now and i will catch up with you all soon, take care and have a lovely Easter Weekend whatever your doing


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