Wednesday, 31 December 2008

At last

found enough time to actually make a card woohoo lol. This image was very kindly sent to me by a docraft buddy a little while back. I have used promarkers to colour the image still trying to get used to them so please dont zoom in to close lol.I hope you all had a very happy christmas and i hope you all have a fab New Year take care for now. luv gina xx

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Thank you so much Lisa

I received this award from Lisa, thanks again Lisa it made my day lol.

This award's rules are:- You have to give it to 5 others and link to those people as well as who gave you the award. Those 5 shall also pass it on to another 5 people, Plus you have to list 5 things you are addicted too!

1 Crafting.
2 My family.
3 Chocolate.
4 Music.
5 Blogging.

The five peeps i'm passing this award on to are

Now i best go and tell them.

luv gina xx

Monday, 15 December 2008

Couple of new cards

I love these precious moments images they are just so cute and they were sent to me by a lovely friend on Do crafts the other image is from the pink cat studio range. I hope you like them anyway best be getting my next lot of pill's as i have yet another chest infection, still should'nt complain as there are a lot of peeps worse off lol.
luv gina xx

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Whiff of Joy Challenge card

Well this is my card for this weeks Whiff of joy challenge only just got it in in time very busy week this week grandson has got croup plus an ear infection poor little man he's only 17 months old, why would that make me busy lol.. well daughter and grandson live with us at present but at least i was able to help her out during the night as her second is due in three weeks time.
Anyway i hope you like my card.

luv gina xx

Beautiful Butterfly Award

I was given this beautiful award by the lovely Heather and the equally lovely Laura thank you so much both of you it really does mean a lot to me.If you haven't seen their blogs you don't know what your missing. I now have to pass this on to ten peeps which i will do later. luv gina xx

Saturday, 6 December 2008

I have been tagged

I have been tagged my Erin and Michele and Denise so i'm putting them together, sorry its taken so long to get around to doing this girls, right i have to tell you seven interesting thing about myself i don't think there are any but here we go.

1 I used to swim for Basildon and Essex when i was still at school.
2 I meet my hubby when i was 15yrs old and we have been together ever since.
3 I love christmas probably cos I'm a big kid at heart lol.
4 I love watching rugby, must be the sight of all those men running around in their shorts lol.
5 I like to read but don't often get the chance now.
6 Before i started card making i used to make furniture for my dolls house, see told you i'm a big kid lol.
7 I love Chinese food.

I'm supposed to pass it but as you all seem to have been tagged already i'm not going too.
luv gina xx

Monday, 1 December 2008

Sketch Saturday Challenge 27

Well i did say a few days ago that i would be a better blogger but i haven't, the reason being that i tried putting some light's around my craft room window and yes you guessed but please don't laugh i fell off the flipping chair.. so i now have two rather bruised and swollen feet and legs but i am lucky that i never broke my ankle seeing as it is naf due to RA, so i'm trying to catch up again now lol. Anyway i have managed to do the saturday sketch Challenge well no i have don't two as i liked the sketch, but one of them i have turned it around... i hope you like them.

I hope you all had a better weekend than me and enjoy the rest of the week. Take care. luv gina xx


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