Saturday, 6 December 2008

I have been tagged

I have been tagged my Erin and Michele and Denise so i'm putting them together, sorry its taken so long to get around to doing this girls, right i have to tell you seven interesting thing about myself i don't think there are any but here we go.

1 I used to swim for Basildon and Essex when i was still at school.
2 I meet my hubby when i was 15yrs old and we have been together ever since.
3 I love christmas probably cos I'm a big kid at heart lol.
4 I love watching rugby, must be the sight of all those men running around in their shorts lol.
5 I like to read but don't often get the chance now.
6 Before i started card making i used to make furniture for my dolls house, see told you i'm a big kid lol.
7 I love Chinese food.

I'm supposed to pass it but as you all seem to have been tagged already i'm not going too.
luv gina xx

1 comment:

carol said...

i see you've been tagged, great interesting stuff about you! thanks for popping by today, great thread on dc for bloggs, i thought i would leave you a little something on my blogg drop by anytime to find it, carol x


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