Wednesday 27 March 2013

I'm Still Here

Good afternoon folks i hope you are all keeping well and warm,i cant believe this weather can you?, anyways i thought i would pop on here and let you know how things are going!!!!!, i am feeling much better now still have the heart nurses out but once a month now, still not had any treatment for my rheumatoid so been laid up in agony with that at the mo, as the one i was on makes heart failure worse so they want me to have a different one  but i'm not sure what to do so am waiting until i see the heart consultant next week.

I now also have a bakers cyst in my knee joint 'ouch' i tell you its flipping painful and they may have to drain it, i aint looking forward to that i can tell yer lol. Mind you one good thing is i lost a lot of weight 4 stone lol.

Mother in law has had a op as she fell over and broke her leg and they have had to plate and screw it, then my poor brother feel through a roof so he's damaged his shoulder and is waiting to see if it needs surgery, but i'm hoping to be back crafting soon but depending on my recovery i may have to change my style a bit but we will have to wait and see what happens.

Any way that's it from me for now and i will catch up with you all soon, take care and have a lovely Easter Weekend whatever your doing

Thursday 17 January 2013

Just For You

Good Afternoon all you lovely peeps out there i thought i would pop on here to see how you are all doing i haven't left comments yet but i have been looking at all your gorgeous creations you've been making,and i would like to say thank you again for all your lovely Get Well Wishes and Beautiful Cards.

I am feeling a little better but still get quite tired and worn out doing nothing lol,mind you i've still managed to lose 3 stone in weight and i did make a card yesterday not my normal style but hey its a cards right,i've used the beautiful Clearly Besotted Butterfly Wishes Stamps and Dies, i hope you like it i'm hoping to be able to get back in my craft room soon as all the Christmas decorations are still in there but our Son in law is coming over later to put them up in the loft for us:)

Anyway i'm off again now i hope you all have a lovely weekend,its my 57th Birthday on Sunday which i am really pleased about as before Christmas i didn't even think i would reach my Birthday,so i'm going to enjoy it lol:)

Anyway that's it for now from me and i will talk to you all soon,until then take care of yourselves and keep warm..

Saturday 5 January 2013

Hello I'm here lol

Good Afternoon all you lovely folks out there,i would just like to say a big Thank You for your get well wishes and cards they are all so beautiful.

As you can image it was a big shock being told that i have heart failure at 56yrs of age,i now have to change my life so no more rushing around like a headless chicken lol,i did have a good Christmas as i came home on Christmas eve at 9.30pm, i'm still waiting to have an MRI scan done of my heart to try and find out why its enlarged and not working properly at first they thought it was the pneumonia causing it or blocked arteries but the angiogram was clear, anyway i'm now on more medication but at least i'm still here.

I haven't done any crafting yet but hope to real soon...... some days i feel so tired its untrue but i have to put up with that for now at least.

I would like to wish you all a Very Healthy Happy New Year


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